Our Services

We are a full service funeral home, providing customizable services to suit your individual wishes. Here is an example of some of the services we offer at our funeral home:

  • Traditional Funerals

  • Cremation Services: 
    With concerns of events that occurred in Nobles, Georgia, we have implemented the Universal Identification System at our funeral home. The Universal Identification System (UIS) is a system used to ensure that your loved one’s cremated remains are the ones we receive back from the crematory. The Universal Identification System consists of a metal band with a unique number tag that is placed around the decedent’s ankle for our identification purposes. Upon the completion of the cremation, we receive the identification tag from the crematory and the UIS to ensure that we have received your loved one. Ultimately, this provides a peace of mind to us and the family that have chosen cremation as the final disposition for the decedent.

  • At-Home Funerals

  • Church Funerals

  • Pre-Arrangements:
    Made in our home or the convenience of yours

  • At- Need Arrangements

  • Memorial DVD:
    We will make a memorial DVD to commemorate the life of the individual at no extra charge to the family. The DVD provides families with an opportunity to reminisce and commemorate the life of the individual.

  • Assistance with Social Security Benefits, Life Insurance Paperwork, Veterans Benefits, etc…

  • Bringing Our Services to You

If you have any questions regarding our Services, please call us at 814-697-6570. We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Our Christmas Eve Service

To remember the families that we have served, we began a Christmas Eve tradition five years ago. For the past five Christmas Eve’s, we have lined the front entryway and sidewalks of our funeral home with luminaria bags (each luminaria representing the loved ones that we had served in the past year). In addition to lighting a candle for each person from the previous year, we also light one candle in memory of each and every family that our funeral home has ever served. We know that the holiday season is extremely difficult for our families that we have served; our service is intended to help those families through their difficult time and for each and everyone of us to remember those who have passed.

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